Present Simple — Exercise

1. My sister reads (read) a book.
2. Frank likes (like) dogs.
3. My parents do (do) the shopping.
4. We sometimes meet (meet) in front of the cinema.
5. Uncle George goes (go) to the doctor’s.
6. Our friends play (play) football in the park.
7. She goes (go) to the park every Friday.
8. He rides (ride) his bike every day.
9. We have (have) the best ideas.
10. Carol says (say) goodbye.
11. She is (be) the best singer in our class.
12. My sister lives (live) in a big house.
13. The children eat (eat) hamburgers.
14. Bill has (have) got two notebooks.
15. I am (be) at home.
Do I sing well?
Do you play football?
Does he read books?
Does she speak English?
Does it eat bananas?
Do we play video games?
Do you travel by bus?
Do they go to school?
Does your teacher live in London?
Do dogs like cats?
don’t play the guitar.
You don’t tidy your room.
She doesn’t buy meat.
He doesn’t sing rock.
A snail doesn’t fly.
We don’t live in Egypt.
You don’t have a boat.
They don’t clean the bathroom.
This girl doesn’t go to the disco.
Bats don’t lay eggs.

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